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Craft, not crap. 🍺 No slice, no dice. 🍕


We love BEER. We also love PIZZA. The only thing we love more is both at the same time.

🍺 + 🍕 = ❤

Beer and pizza are both so versatile, there’s a style to suit everyone – and each has its own story.  We hope to share some of those stories with you, as well as a few beers and slices along the way!

Our favourite beers, the best beers, are those which have been lovingly crafted, not mass-produced. Our favourite pizzas, too. Our mission is to highlight the beers and pizzas which have excited us, the venues which have wowed us, and to shine a light on the weird and wonderful, quirky eats and craft beer treats the world has to offer.

Know of an amazing beer we haven’t had yet? Found an awesome pizza joint in your area that’s a hidden secret? Sharing is caring, so tell us about it!

If you’d like to be featured, get involved or just fancy a chat, give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you. ✌

Who are we, though?

Craft & Slice | Craft Beer & Pizza | @xGogsx on Untappd

Michael Wilson (Editor & Founder)

By day, I work in digital marketing. By night, I drink beer & eat pizza.  Brooklyn Lager, Punk IPA & Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale were my gateway into the crazy world of craft.  Since then, I’ve tried over 2k different beers.

I’ve always loved pizza; from the first baked bean & sausage pizza I had as a kid to the one I had in Lombardi’s in New York, USA’s first pizzeria.

Based in Belfast.  Other interests include punk rock, MMA, pro wrestling & bad jokes.

Craft & Slice | Craft Beer & Pizza | @xGogsx on Untappd

Marc Kelly (Writer)

Spend my days as a desk jockey for the NHS, earning a few pennies to buy the best beers I can. I’ve now sampled over 4k different brews. Beer highlights so far include Pliny the Elder in San Francisco and Tripel Van De Garre in their tiny bar in Bruges. This year I have a visit to Cantillon planned…

Currently living in Leeds and when not in one of the city’s fine beer establishments I’ll be curled up on the sofa binge watching some epic TV, playing Xbox or motivating myself to play golf (before grabbing a beer from the fridge).

Craft & Slice | Craft Beer & Pizza | @xGogsx on Untappd


Forever searching for the perfect pint?

Passionate about pepperoni?

Want to share your love of beer and/or pizza with the world?

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch!